lunes, 20 de mayo de 2013

When a bomb explodes in the Queen´s coach at the opening of Parliament, the driver, Alan Coe, is one of those badly injured. His daughter Jane sees the explosion, for which a group of Irish terrorists later claim responsability. In hospital, Alan tells Jane about his girlfriend Anna who visited the horses with him the night before the bombing. Jane goes to Anna´s house with a letter from her father, but a neighbour tells her that Anna has moved out - with her boyfriend Kev. Jane feels very sorry for her father.
When Jane returns to her flat, she is surprised by a man and a woman, who tie her up. Jane realizes that the woman is Anna, her father´s friend, and that she has seen her before - outside Parliament when the bomb exploded. Anna rings Alan in hospital and threatens to kill Jane if he tells the police about Anna. Frightened, Alan tells the police that he was alone when he visited the horses the evening before the bomb, but later he tells the police the truth, and they begin to search for Jane.
Anne and Kev move Jane from her flat to a house, where they tie her to  a bed, but Jane manages to cut herself free. While Anna is out of the house, Kev brings Jane some coffee, and she attacks him. There is a desperate struggle and Kev´s gun goes off, killing him. Jane escapes from the house and goes to an underground station, but Anna sees her and follows her......

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