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The Hound of the Baskervilles

The Hound of the Baskervilles.

The story

Dr Mortimer visits Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson and tells them about Sir Hugo Baskerville, who was killed by an enormous black hound one night on the moors in Devon in 1640. His descendant Charle Baskerville died recently, apparently because of his weak heart, but Dr Mortimer found the prints of a hound nearby.
Next morning Dr Mortimer returns with Sir Henry Baskerville, who is now head of the family. Sir Henry has received a note warning him not to go to Baskerville Hall, so watson arranges to accompany him there.
In the nearby village of Grimpen, Watson meets Stapleton, a naturalist who knows the dangerous Grimpen Marsh well. Stapleton´s beautiful sister mistakes Watson for Sir Henry and secretly warns him to leave. Later, Sir Henry falls in love with her. One night Sir Henry and Watson see the butler signalling with a light to someone on the moor - it is his wife´s brother, an escaped convict. Watson and Sir Henry hunt for the convict, but he escapes, and they hear a frightening howl.
Watson learns that when Sir Charles died he was waiting to meet a lady called Laura Lyons. Holmes arrives and reveals that Laura Lyons hopes to marry Stapleton, unaware that his "sister" is actually his wife. Suddenly they hear the awful howl again. They find a man´s dead body on the ground, but it is the body of the escaped prisoner.
Holmes and Watson pretend to leave, but that night they wait outside the Stapletons´house, where Sir Henry is visiting. When Sir Henry begins to walk home, a huge black dog appears and runs after him, but Holmes and Watson ... ...

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